Top 10 Most Common Problems with Nonprofit’s Bookkeeping

What’s so special about nonprofit bookkeeping? Do you really need a nonprofit specialist?  Absolutely!

The infamous 990 Tax Form means the IRS has a whole special set of rules for nonprofits in order to maintain their status. Great bookkeeping can also mean better planning, more donations, and less stress and expense when filing your 990.

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What is an Enrolled Agent?

Rosemary Welton, Enrolled Agent

It’s been a busy year at Mosaic Bookkeeping, both personally and professionally. Between a family move, and training our first employee, I spent all of my spare time studying for the IRS Special Enrollment Exams to earn the Enrolled Agent designation!

But what is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent or EA, is the highest designation offered by the IRS, and allows us the ability to communicate and represent our clients before all levels of the IRS. The only other professionals able to do so are CPA’s and Attorney’s.

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Productivity Hacks from a busy Mompreneur


My husband and I seem to thrive in chaos. If things get too slow around our house, we add another kid or side hustle into the mix…We’re constantly full of ideas, bubbling with energy, and our disdain for boredom propels us ever forward…this also means we need to live life with a heavy dose of humility and we put a lot of extra effort into the systems that make our family function.

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