The “B” Word Part III


Your bookkeeper and you

I was 12 years old standing behind the cash register of my grandparents’ vegetable stand. My chest swelled with pride as I handled several customer transactions all by myself. In those days they only took cash, didn’t have an automatic cash register, and didn’t allow us kids to use a calculator. I was proud of myself for accurately counting change back to several customers. As I was standing there a penny fell to the ground, “It’s only a penny” I thought, and didn’t bother to pick it up. My grandma noticed and pointed out that a penny had fallen. “It’s only a penny,” I told her. “Pennies make dollars,” my grandma said.


For some reason that scene and that line have always stuck with me. It sounds trivial, but it’s a line I’ve now repeated a thousand times to my kids. I remember my grandma when I pick up a penny I find on the ground and smile as I say to myself “Pennies make dollars.”

Turning pennies into dollars.

That’s what your bookkeeper and a map to financial success should do for you. Shaving off small amounts here and there may seem trivial at the outset, but those numbers add up quickly. As your business grows, those pennies turn into profits for you.

Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.
Benjamin Franklin

When we make a budget for a client, we do a majority of the steps outlined in the prior article. We pull past years financial statements and look for trends. Additionally we can benchmark and compare your business to other businesses in your industry. Are most other businesses in your field spending less on these wholesale items? How can we get there? Are others making a better profit on those services? How can we match them? We gamify your finances and appeal to your competitive nature, and make budgeting fun.

After considering prior year financial statements, we design a template. During our monthly consultation we go over it with you and discuss upcoming plans. Together we go through each category and help you set manageable goals. After that we give you brief updates at our monthly consultations. No nagging, no extra time on your part, no obligation.

Having that financial roadmap can help us to keep an eye out for anything amiss. We also keep an eye out for anything that is more profitable than expected, which you may want to focus more on. Having a trained and dedicated bookkeeper should help make you money. A bookkeeper should be an investment, not an expense. We can help you see a good return on that investment and show you how to turn pennies into dollars.