What is an Enrolled Agent?

Rosemary Welton, Enrolled Agent

It’s been a busy year at Mosaic Bookkeeping, both personally and professionally. Between a family move, and training our first employee, I spent all of my spare time studying for the IRS Special Enrollment Exams to earn the Enrolled Agent designation!

But what is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent or EA, is the highest designation offered by the IRS, and allows us the ability to communicate and represent our clients before all levels of the IRS. The only other professionals able to do so are CPA’s and Attorney’s.

While anyone can put a sign on their front door and start preparing taxes, Enrolled Agents have to undergo 3 Special Enrollment Exams testing their knowledge of tax and IRS regulations as well as a background check. We’re also required to obtain continuing education credits every year to ensure we’re up to date on the ever changing tax rules and regulations.

So why do you want to work with an Enrolled Agent?

Regardless of whether or not you use Mosaic Bookkeeping for tax preparation, we think it’s helpful to have a tax professional assist with bookkeeping as many clients have questions throughout the year. If you do choose use to use for tax preparation, then you can rest assured you have a highly trained and qualified professional preparing your return and walking you through any interactions you might have with the IRS. Providing our clients with a one-stop shop helps our clients to save money and offer a higher level of service since information isn’t being passed along through multiple companies where information can be lost.

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