Budgeting. Board demands. Donor requirements. IRS regulations. Changing technology…

Oh dear.

Staying up-to-date in nonprofit accounting is overwhelming.
Here at Mosaic, we do it all for you!

We crunch the numbers, you get actionable monthly reports:

  • Know the latest on donor management technologies
  • Align your bill pay solutions with your accounting system
  • Stay compliant with IRS regulations, restricted fund tracking, 990 preparation, and annual audits
  • Get expert advice on working with tight budgets and keeping up with board of director demands

Our mission, is to make your mission more impactful


Consider us your 1-800 helpline for nonprofits



Mosaic Bookkeeping’s mission is to maximize our clients’ impact by providing data-driven accounting solutions and financial systems. 

As a boutique accounting service, we provide clients with tailored accounting services unique to your organization’s needs

With an outsourced consultant, you receive a higher level of service from a qualified team at a lower price-point than hiring an in-house accountant.

We work with many nonprofit clients and can advise on best practices and the latest trends, whether you need basic bookkeeping or an entire outsourced accounting department, we’ve got you covered. 

We charge a flat monthly rate based on type and volume of work.  To find more about our on-boarding procedures and how we calculate prices click here.



Outsourced CFO and Controller services:

Management of internal accounting processes

Budget development

Strategic planning and forecasting

Board reporting

Bookkeeping Services

Expense and Income tracking

Account Reconciliations

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

Monthly Report Delivery

Receipt management assistance

Budget Tracking

Payroll Assistance

Tax Services

990 and State Filings

1023 Filings

1099 and W2 preparation

IRS Representation

Additional Services:

Historical bookkeeping cleanups, One-time QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks trainings, technology consulting, board trainings



Our on-boarding process follows these steps:

  • Introductory 15 minute phone: call to learn about your business and what services you’re looking for
  • Bookkeeping Checkup: Look over current bookkeeping systems to identify areas that need cleanup, check for missed issues, and see the scope of work
  • Send you a detailed estimate with various package options
  • Select the package you prefer and sign our engagement letter and ACH form
  • Begin Work!

Why do we require a bookkeeping checkup?

We’ve found that sometimes clients have hidden errors buried in their bookkeeping that may be causing inaccurate account balances or profit and loss statements. Sometimes these can be complicated and require more work than anyone realized! We think it’s important that you know the full cost before signing up with us and not receive any surprise charges, for that reason we need to know the true scope of the work. Depending on circumstances we may request access to your QuickBooks, other bookkeeping system, and/or the last 2 months of bank and credit card statements.

We’ll follow up with a detailed list of any issues we find and areas where we suggest you make changes to your current system.

How do we calculate our prices?

We use an internal pricing formula based on the services desired, number of accounts and transactions, number of employees, etc. We base our pricing on the amount of work, not the revenue of the organization or business. Our proposal will break down the costs per service and we try to offer options to meet every budget. Our basic full-service bookkeeping package typically starts at $299/month.


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Mosaic Bookkeeping LLC is E&O Insured

About Mosaic

Our team is truly the backbone of our company. We are passionate about bringing clarity to nonprofit leaders in the complex world of nonprofit accounting.

Meet: Rosemary Siens, EA
Owner & Founder

Rosemary is Mosaic’s founder and CEO. She’s your main bookkeeping expert, nerd for numbers, enrolled agent (EA), and Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor. Rosemary went to Prescott College for undergrad degrees in Environmental Policy and Latin American Studies, and graduated from Ohio University with a Master’s in Accounting. She’s a founding member and volunteer with the Ohio River Surfing Association. Rosemary has a passion for helping nonprofits run smoothly through best-in-class accounting practices. She has been supporting nonprofits, from small schools to multi-million dollar international organizations, with their accounting needs since 2018. In her free time, Rosemary loves to surf, roller skate, canoe, and salsa dance!

Meet Amanda Bell
Bookkeeping Specialist

Amanda is Mosaic’s go-to bookkeeping specialist. She spent over 20 years in customer service, sales, data entry, and quality control before moving to Mosaic to use more of her analytical skills. She is Quickbooks Online certified, and takes care of bookkeeping,  reconciliations, and compiling financial reports. She loves seeing the various ways clients provide assistance, experiences, and support to the communities around them. In her free time, she loves exploring nature, board games with family, doing fiber arts and stained glass, volunteering with local nonprofits, and planning casual events.