Whip-smart. Determined. Dedicated. Industrious.

You work hard and go the extra mile. Putting in long hours to grow something you believe in. But with success comes responsibility, and there comes a point in every business or organization where in order to grow, you need to delegate tasks and outsource to specialists. You need a team you can trust.

That’s why you’re here, because you’re smart.

Because you want to put your finances in the hands of professionals. Of people who can crunch the numbers for you and give you actionable monthly reports. You want someone who dedicates their time to staying up-to-date on the latest technology, trends, and tax regulations, so that you don’t have to.  Someone who can guide you on the best technologies that integrate with your accounting system or help you start investing in your retirement.

There’s no 1-800 helpline for business owners…but I’ll do my best

And That’s Where We Come In

When you start your own business, it can be scary to outsource, how can you trust someone else to love and take care of what you’ve grown as much as you do? We feel the same way about our business serving you, that’s why we go over and beyond for our clients and feel invested in your future success as if it were our own.

Ready to hire employees? We can get you setup with your state and federal government. Ready to offer employee benefits? We can assist you with that as well. Tax code change this year (yet again)? Don’t worry, we’re already on it! You just focus on raising revenue and running the show, we’ll take care of the rest. 

What could you do with a few extra hours each month? Focus on how to increase revenue? Build your brand? Spend time with family? 



Hi, I’m Rosemary.


I’m your main bookkeeping gal. I’m a nerd for numbers, Enrolled Agent, QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor and (according to my kids when they want an extra helping of dessert) “best mom ever.” I’m here to join your journey, working diligently in the background to help your nonprofit or business run like a well-oiled machine.

I’m proud to say I have a job where I feel like I give back every day, helping small businesses and nonprofits succeed. I try to make giving back at the forefront of my business model, from volunteering at my local SCORE chapter helping brand new startups, to making a donation for every single business transaction we partake in, I like to feel like I’m using my knowledge to make the world a little bit better.


Mosaic Bookkeeping’s mission is to ensure our clients’ longevity by providing financial clarity and literacy. Everyone deserves to have great bookkeeping. We offer a variety of training and ongoing service packages to fit every budget.

As a boutique virtual bookkeeping service, we can work with anyone, anywhere. With an outsourced solution like us, you get a higher level of service from a highly qualified accountant at a lower price-point than hiring an in-house bookkeeper. We keep our costs low by using technology and QuickBooks integrated apps to streamline workflows. Hourly pay incentivizes more hours, we charge a flat-monthly rate which incentivizes getting the work done using the most efficient systems.  To find more about our on-boarding procedures and how we calculate prices click here.

*We offer bookkeeping and tax services to nonprofits and select for profit, businesses. If you are a business please contact us to see if we are a good fit, if not we can refer you to another great bookkeeper.*


  • Ongoing Bookkeeping Services
    • Expense and Income tracking
    • Account Reconciliations
    • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
    • Monthly Report Delivery
    • Receipt management assistance
    • Budgeting
    • Payroll Assistance
  • Tax Services
    • Tax Filings
    • 1023 Filings & Business Registrations
    • Ongoing tax planning services
    • 1099 and W2 preparation
    • IRS Representation
    • See our tax price list here.
  • Additional Services
    • Historical bookkeeping cleanup
    • One-time QuickBooks setup
    • QuickBooks training
    • Technology consulting
    • Monthly/Quarterly bookkeeping check-in and advisory services

We are part of a great network of  nonprofit and business professionals including fundraisers, certified fraud examiners, lawyers, program advisers, and more. For services beyond our scope we can refer you to another great specialist.

Ready to talk more?



Our on-boarding process follows these steps:

  • Introductory 15 minute phone: call to learn about your business and what services you’re looking for
  • Bookkeeping Checkup: Look over current bookkeeping systems to identify areas that need cleanup, check for missed issues, and see the scope of work
  • Send you a detailed estimate with various package options
  • Select the package you prefer and sign our engagement letter and ACH form
  • Begin Work!

Why do we require a bookkeeping checkup?

We’ve found that sometimes clients have hidden errors buried in their bookkeeping that may be causing inaccurate account balances or profit and loss statements. Sometimes these can be complicated and require more work than anyone realized! We think it’s important that you know the full cost before signing up with us and not receive any surprise charges, for that reason we need to know the true scope of the work. Depending on circumstances we may request access to your QuickBooks, other bookkeeping system, and/or the last 2 months of bank and credit card statements.

We’ll follow up with a detailed list of any issues we find and areas where we suggest you make changes to your current system.

How do we calculate our prices?

We use an internal pricing formula based on the services desired, number of accounts and transactions, number of employees, etc. We base our pricing on the amount of work, not the revenue of the organization or business. Our proposal will break down the costs per service and we try to offer options to meet every budget. Our basic full-service bookkeeping package typically starts at $299/month.


Ready to make the leap into something better, or just learn more? Fill out the form below!

Mosaic Bookkeeping LLC is E&O Insured