Our on-boarding process follows these steps:

  • Introductory 15 minute phone: call to learn about your business and what services you’re looking for
  • Bookkeeping Checkup: Look over current bookkeeping systems to identify areas that need cleanup, check for missed issues, and see the scope of work
  • Send you a detailed estimate with various package options
  • Select the package you prefer and sign our engagement letter and ACH form
  • Begin Work!

Why do we require a bookkeeping checkup?

We’ve found that sometimes clients have hidden errors buried in their bookkeeping that may be causing inaccurate account balances or profit and loss statements. Sometimes these can be complicated and require more work than anyone realized! We think it’s important that you know the full cost before signing up with us and not receive any surprise charges, for that reason we need to know the true scope of the work. Depending on circumstances we may request access to your QuickBooks, other bookkeeping system, and/or the last 2 months of bank and credit card statements.

We’ll follow up with a detailed list of any issues we find and areas where we suggest you make changes to your current system.

How do we calculate our prices?

We use an internal pricing formula based on the services desired, number of accounts and transactions, number of employees, etc. We base our pricing on the amount of work, not the revenue of the organization or business. Our proposal will break down the costs per service and we try to offer options to meet every budget. Our basic full-service bookkeeping package typically starts at $299/month.