Restricted and Unrestricted Fund Tracking, Budgeting, Class Tracking, Donor Management, Unrelated Business Income Tax

These are all aspects of bookkeeping unique to nonprofits, not to mention their entirely different set of financial statements. Plus, everything needs board approval and many require annual audits!

At Mosaic Bookkeeping, a majority of our clients are nonprofits and our primary focus is staying up-to-date on their unique needs. We work with clients remotely, both local and across the country using the latest technology, and have experience working with budgets from 100k to 4 million. We work with small faith-based organizations and large international organizations dealing with multiple currencies. Our Nonprofit Specialist spends a majority of her time staying up-to-date on the latest technologies that our clients can use and regulations that affect them. You can often find her attending conferences, taking extra courses, and staying up-to-date on IRS regulations that affect our clients. In addition to bookkeeping services, we offer 990 tax filings as well and make a great one stop shop for growing organizations.