How do you know it’s time to hire a bookkeeper?

You’ve been doing your bookkeeping on a notepad or spreadsheet

You put off doing your books until tax time

You’re in a panic looking for all of the receipts and documents you need at tax time

You’re not paying quarterly estimated taxes, or aren’t sure how much to pay

You plan on expanding, selling, or getting a business loan sometime in the future

You’re not saving for your own retirement

You hate tracking, entering, and reporting your financial statements

You dread sitting down with a stack of receipts and trying to sort things out

Your time and energy could be used making money instead of doing the books

Do what you love and leave the books to me at a fraction of the cost to hire an in-house bookkeeper. You can have one less thing on your plate, which means more time to focus on your passion. I’ll show you the power of cloud-based bookkeeping: maximum security, easy access to your financial information, and fast tax document preparation.