About Mosaic

Our team is truly the backbone of our company. We are passionate about bringing clarity to nonprofit leaders in the complex world of nonprofit accounting.

Meet: Rosemary Siens, EA
Owner & Founder

Rosemary is Mosaic’s founder and CEO. She’s your main bookkeeping expert, nerd for numbers, enrolled agent (EA), and Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor. Rosemary went to Prescott College for undergrad degrees in Environmental Policy and Latin American Studies, and graduated from Ohio University with a Master’s in Accounting. She’s a founding member and volunteer with the Ohio River Surfing Association. Rosemary has a passion for helping nonprofits run smoothly through best-in-class accounting practices. She has been supporting nonprofits, from small schools to multi-million dollar international organizations, with their accounting needs since 2018. In her free time, Rosemary loves to surf, roller skate, canoe, and salsa dance!

Meet Amanda Bell
Bookkeeping Specialist

Amanda is Mosaic’s go-to bookkeeping specialist. She spent over 20 years in customer service, sales, data entry, and quality control before moving to Mosaic to use more of her analytical skills. She is Quickbooks Online certified, and takes care of bookkeeping,  reconciliations, and compiling financial reports. She loves seeing the various ways clients provide assistance, experiences, and support to the communities around them. In her free time, she loves exploring nature, board games with family, doing fiber arts and stained glass, volunteering with local nonprofits, and planning casual events.